Golfclips for the Vanden Berge Golfacademy

These Golf-Clips were produced on behalf of the Vanden Berge Golf academy under the programme of Time4Golf and

Joerg Vanden Berge is one of the leading golf-teachers in Europe. He has written several Golf Teaching-Books and hosts various golf-programmes on television.

His goal is to explain the scientific aspects of the game of golf.
Vanden Berge is always in quest of new technologies which can help him and his students to understand the game of golf and the golf swing better.

He utilizes Antelope because the fast motion of the golf swing makes details difficult to see with normal cameras.

Furthermore the knowledge of our cameraman and DOP Felix Marggraff who is a very experienced golfer makes work easy for Joerg Vanden Berge as he can rely on Felix´ editorial input.

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